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Hey You!!

I’m Adrienne! Thanks for stopping by!

Let me introduce myself before you dive in... In the lyrics of a great song by the classic Talking Heads. How did I get here??? I’m going to have to go way way back to to when I was about 12 years old and finally had a room of my own that of course needed a remodel and I hauled all my furniture to the front yard for a coat of paint and upholstered the inside of a shabby old trunk in some 1970’s fun fur! True Story!

My first décor love is and probably always will be Vintage/Antique and the lovely way you can incorporate and repurpose that into modern design. For that reason it causes me great anguish when I think of hand crafted treasures meant to be passed down and with stand the ages being discarded or exquisite architecture bulldozed. It’s not above me to dumpster dive or roadside rescue! I love to rediscover the story behind those pieces that may have been forgotten or even worse never told. I want to breathe life back into what just needs a little love repair or imagination or overlooked for it’s potential. I want to create things of beauty and touches whimsey and share how to do that along the way.

My Hommage

My passion is undoubtedly a gift from my Grandmother, Julia. I grew up on my grandparents farm in Saskatchewan and she was an integral part of my childhood and helped raise me. Julia was an incredible creative free spirit and I loved her. She nurtured my own creative fire as I watched, helped and learned the art of restoration and repurposing, crafting and creating, gardening and landscaping long before it was cool and trendy but more a way of life. It’s in my DNA and essential to my spirit and soul.

My homage is really to her I know she is smiling down on me pleased that her knowledge was passed down to the generations of her family, this is for her, and for me, and for anyone who wants to join me on this journey.

My Story

Even though life took me in a different direction, bright lights and the big city called to this little country girl but no mater where I is was or what I was doing every single apt, rental or home I owned got a makeover inside and out the passion was undeniable.

Many years and careers and businesses and homes later I got sick, breast cancer, if that doesn’t lead a person to soul search I don’t know what will. I knew it was time for a change and little side hussle began to emerge selling vintage finds and cool décor pick’s at local markets. I took wood working classes to build my confidence with wood working tools and doing repairs. I started to challenge myself with bigger and harder projects, renovations and remodels. And then in 2017 we bought some land and this now city girl was so ready to get back to the country! It was bare land and a house needed to be built a forever house so it was detrimental not to make big mistakes and be left with I wish I would have’s. I was up for the challenge and I generaled and project managed the entire build. To say that was a learning curve would be a gross understatement!!! But what a riot to work along side trades, and assist and learn and realize my vision and dream. Last year the shell of my barn/workshop and future brick and mortar was built and I took on the entire interior finishing myself with the plan of utilizing my finishing carpenter to help where I didn’t feel confident. BUT then covid and being impatient I pushed myself even further and accomplished the entire main floor by myself. The loft is upcoming as their was a garden to grow and landscaping to be done!

My Offering To You

So where am I going with this long winded verbal diarrhea of a story you are probably thinking by now!! All of this all of this life and experience and challenge and growth finally gave me the guts to acknowledge this natural born talent and gift I was given. And in this mid life, next chapter, and in this technological, online, social media age. I might just have something to offer! I’ve come to understand that I actually have a keen eye for design, style and décor. I’m a handy woman. I realized that I have knowledge, ideas and hopefully inspiration to share! I hope to inspire women of all ages and sorry kids but so much so to us more mature chicks who are often over looked and underestimated. That is never too late to chase dream, follow our passions and try all the things that scare us. Old Broads have so much wisdom, experience and know how to pass down!

So with this little old blog from this Old Broad I welcome you with with a Big virtual hug to join me here for DIY’s, decor, how-to's, all things garden, landscape and probably a little motherly advice along the way. I hope inspire, encourage, laugh and share our stories here together.

Thank you for stopping by.

Much Love,
A. xo